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Elizabeth Warren: Glass Steagall—’Support for It All Around the Country’

Aug. 5, 2016 (EIRNS)—Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) didn’t take the bait to simply bash Trump, in an interview conducted by Bloomberg/Newsweek Aug. 4, and instead took the high road on Glass-Steagall. When repeatedly asked, what do you think about Trump pushing it, Warren ignored that. ("I’m not sure Donald Trump gives deep thought to much of anything.") She spelled out the meaning of Glass-Steagall, why it is "sanity" to support it, adding that support is now widespread.

Warren said,

"I think most Americans get this one: that there’s plain old basic banking—checking, savings accounts—and then there’s more speculative, high-risk banking. And those two should not be joined together. That’s what Glass-Steagall is principally about, and that’s why I think we’re seeing so much support for it all around the country... It’s really hard to miss the Glass-Steagall issue. I get up and talk to people who are not very politically connected, and I say, ’Glass-Steagall’ and get a big cheer. I think that’s because it’s not a distant, technical issue; it’s something that people can feel and understand." It’s in both parties’ platforms, she noted. "John McCain and I have submitted a Glass-Steagall bill."

On the question of Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership—whether it is resolved by the Democrats, or is dead, Warren replied, "TPP? I thought it was looking pretty dead. I didn’t feel a pulse."

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