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China Is Making Progress Toward the First Commercial High-Temperature Nuclear Reactor

Jan. 4, 2016 (ERINS)—China’s high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor project is moving ahead, with the delivery and operation of a full-scope simulator to prepare operators to run the one-of-a-kind reactor. Although other countries, including Germany, the United States, Japan, and South Africa, have taken steps, at different times, to develop this fourth-generation nuclear technology, China is the only country with a comercial reactor under construction.

The simulator will be used for training and for licensing the plant operators. Chinese regulations require that all nuclear plants have a simulator in operation at least one year prior to plant start-up, to ensure proper training. The simulator is a complete replica of an High Temperature Reactor control room. The site acceptance certificate was signed on Dec. 24, reports World Nuclear News marking the official start of its operation.

China is building a two-unit HTR at its Shidaowan site, in Weihi city, which will produce 210 Megawatts of electric power. It is expected to start commercial operation in 2017 and there are 18 more units proposed for the site.

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