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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Continues Jabs at Obama, Warning of Nuclear War Threat

Jan. 4, 2016 (EIRNS)—On Sunday, Jan. 3, FoxNews TV aired a nationwide, four-minute, feature story, a backgrounder about Army Captain Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, which they titled, "Introducing Hawaii’s Democratic Congresswoman: Tulsi Gabbard; The U.S. combat veteran is seen as a rebel and rising star in her party." The reporter set an appropriate tone for the piece by quoting Martin Luther King, that, "the ultimate measure of a man is... where he stands in times of challenge and controversy," and saying Gabbard fits that challenge.

In setting the tone, the reporter stated that Gabbard, "has made headlines with her outspoken criticism of President Obama," as well as when she criticized the Democratic National Committee for favoring Hillary by limiting debates. "When we look at what’s in the best interest of our country," Gabbard said, "which is how I think we should make all of our decisions—less dialogue does not help us."

On the war in Syria, Gabbard was blunt, saying,

"This is a war that I believe is illegal, and counter-productive. It’s illegal because Congress has not declared war against Syria, and it’s counterproductive because it helps our enemy—ISIS, al Qaeda, and other groups—achieve their objective."

"This will kick off a World War," she continued,

"and potentially a nuclear war, given the fact that the United States and Russia are the two countries on this planet, that are literally minutes away from pushing that button, and launching a nuclear bomb."

Essentially calling Obama an idiot, Gabbard said,

"It doesn’t take a military genius to understand that you have to know your enemy before you can defeat them. [It’s a] big mistake to not clearly identify who your enemy is."

[emphasis in original]

Ironically or not, the "trailer" ad which preceded the interview was for a new movie called The Select Soldiers of Benghazi, the first sound bite of which is a radio call, stating, "We need immediate assistance, Benghazi is under attack."

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