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Xi Visit the Best Hope for the Mideast, Zepp-LaRouche Tells Sputnik Radio

Jan. 22, 2016 (EIRNS)—Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the President of the Schiller Institute, was interviewed today on Sputnik Radio regarding the emergence of Iran from its pariah status. First she was asked by the moderator, Andrew Korybko, what she saw resulting from this emergence of Iran on the world situation.

“If Europe and the U.S. would get rid of the casino economy and cooperate with China and the other nations on the New Silk Road, it would be of great benefit,”

she said. Zepp-LaRouche noted that all the P5+1 countries were now sending delegations to Tehran to sign deals, but that they would only succeed if they got rid of the casino economy.

The commentator agreed fully with her on that point, and went on to ask her about the effect Iranian production would have on the oil prices. Zepp-LaRouche said that some commentators were predicting that oil would go down to $10 a barrel, but that this would be a new version of the sub-mortgage crisis, since all the investment in shale oil would now be worthless.

“The Fed has told the banks that they should keep the old price on the books. And this represents a tremendous cover-up by the banking firms of the real situation,”

she said. She noted that Venezuela had already called for an OPEC summit because of the seriousness of the crisis. Everybody is pumping oil in spite of the glut, she said.

“Iran is coming back into the market at a critical moment, but they’re preparing for alternative production and moving quickly to nuclear energy and to fusion energy.”

Korybko then asked her view of the Xi visit to the Middle East and his proposal for expanding the Silk Road Belt to these countries.

“The Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road are presently the only constructive model of cooperation in the world,” she said.

“Look at the successful visit of President Xi to the Middle East. The Belt and Road are the only chance to overcome the Sunni-Shia divide. President Xi made the point in his beautiful comments on Iran and its connection to the ancient Silk Road. You have to extend the New Silk Road to Southeast Asia and to Africa. We can then create new sources of water through nuclear desalination and building infrastructure. It is the only hope for the people living there to have a future. And the visit therefore offers the greatest [potential] for the region.”

Korybko was very pleased with Helga’s comments and reiterated several times how honored he was to have her on the program.

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