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China Prepares for War over Korea

Feb. 17, 2016 (EIRNS)—An unsigned editorial in the official CCP paper Global Times today, titled "China must prepare for worst in the Korean Peninsula," warns that the US policy in the Koreas is greatly increasing the possibility of war. Pointing to the mass US build-up of air and sea combat forces in South Korea, and the plan to deploy THAAD missiles there, the editorial warns:

"If Washington and Seoul break the Thirty-Eighth Parallel and take comprehensive military action, they should take the possible risks of China’s military intervention into account. We support this analysis."

Following by one day an article in the same Global Times in which General Wang Haiyan called for war preparedness in response to the escalating Korea crisis, the editorial today notes the shift in tone and action by South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, including her warning yesterday to the North that a continuation of the their nuclear program will lead to "regime collapse." It says:

"From the big perspective of the Asia-Pacific, the failure to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis is the outcome of US intentions to control Northeast Asia and meddling with China’s rise.... If a war occurs, Chinese public opinion will support the country’s actions given how China’s security is threatened."

In another editorial, published yesterday, the Global Times denounces North Korea’s "reckless moves," but then warns Seoul:

"Once the THAAD system is deployed in South Korea, Chinese society will be bound to support the People’s Liberation Army to respond via a strong enough military deployment in northeast. If so, South Korea may turn into a highly sensitive area in the game of military deployments between China and the US. It will make the Blue House further lose its national independence, and become a pawn in the game between major powers."

China has repeatedly warned the Philippines in a similar manner, that playing the pawn for Obama could turn their country into rubble when the US activates Prompt Global Strike against China.

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