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Russia Seizes Upper Hand in Syria as U.S. Flounders in Syria, Says Stars & Stripes

Feb. 19, 2016 (EIRNS)—Stars and Stripes, the military daily, today provides further evidence of Russia’s competence in its objectives in Syria and the strategy which it has adopted to achieve the objectives.

In an article entitled, "Russia Seizes Upper Hand in Syria as US Flounders in Syria," author John Vandiver writes,

"Unity between air and ground forces and a clear objective have enabled the Russians to turn the tide of the Syrian civil war, reverse the fortunes of their longtime ally President Bashar Assad and leave the already muddled American strategy in Syria in tatters."

"Putin has seized control of events and established himself—and not President Barack Obama—as the indispensable power broker in Syria.... [U]nlike the U.S., which failed at attempts to develop enough reliable local forces, Russia has been able to coordinate its air campaign with effective partners on the ground the Syrian army and its Iranian allies."

Stars and Stripes further reports:

"Those tactical advantages are now on full display around Aleppo in northwestern Syria, whose fall to the regime could deliver a decisive blow to the five-year rebellion, carving out an expanding swath for Assad in Syria’s west."

Vandiver also slaps down all the commentators who "widely predicted in the West" that Putin would "find himself stuck in a Mideast quagmire." It’s Obama who is stuck.

In the LaRouchePAC Friday night webcast, Jeffrey Steinberg reported on a discussion today with Lyndon LaRouche about the Syria situation.

"Putin has a very clear sense, Mr. LaRouche emphasized, of the military correlations in this situation and also a very clear sense that Turkey and Saudi Arabia acting on their own irrationality,"

Steinberg said. And he is luring them into the kind of trap that could be basically enclosed on them on any moment." It’s a gravely dangerous situation, Steinberg added,

"but you have at least one key player—President Putin—who knows what he’s doing and is steering these events to conform to an appropriate strategic analysis and to an understanding of how to basically defeat these forces that have been trying to destroy Syria for the last five years."

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