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Libya: Another British Mess in the Making?

March 3, 2016 (EIRNS)—Is the British Empire preparing another mess in Libya? Although France, Britain and Italy officially support UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler’s plan for a national unity government as a precondition for military intervention, British, French and Italian intelligence and special forces are already operating in a competing game on the ground in Libya. The latest update, according to Italian media, is that the Rome government has secretly sent 50 intelligence personnel and will send another 50.

Today, a warning was issued by the Foreign Minister of the Libyan Dawn coalition, the so-called Tripoli government, which opposes the Kobler deal. Ali Ramadan Abuzaakouk said in an interview with Corriere della Sera today: if you want to intervene you need our permission.

Ali Ramadan Abuzaakouk is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and claims that they want to fight ISIS. However, they reject the Kobler deal and accuse him of continuing the pro-Egypt, pro-U.A.E. agenda.

"We agree that Italy takes the leadership of an international intervention in the war against emerging ISIS forces in Libya. But beware: Any military action in the country must be agreed upon in detail with our government in Tripoli and our military forces on the ground. If this is not the case, any kind of operation would turn from a legitimate fight against terrorism into a clear violation of our national sovereignty."

In the background of all this, is the report that Britain, France and Italy have a plan to partition Libya. The British would get Cyrenaica, the French Fezzan and the Italians Tripolitania. The latter is a lit fuse, as the interview with Ali Ramadan indicates.

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