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British Intelligence Hitman Crows that Brazil Crisis Marks End of the ‘BRICS Fantasy’

March 7, 2016 (EIRNS)—In his article in today's Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the avowed British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) stringer for British intelligence notorious for his role in orchestrating the slander operation against President Bill Clinton, proclaimed today that, in his view, the destabilization of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has entered a final phase, and its aim is to break up the BRICS alliance as a whole.

Under the headline "Downfall of Brazil’s Lula Marks End of BRICS Fantasy," Evans-Pritchard manically trumpets that

"Brazil is the first of the BRICS quintet to break down on so many fronts at once, but Russia and South Africa are both in deep crisis, and China is running through $100 bn. of foreign reserves a month. Only India has the wind in its sails. The BRICS concept has become meaningless."

With last Friday’s grandstand arrest of President Rousseff’s close ally, former President Lula da Silva, Evans-Pritchard pontificated, "the drive to impeach Mrs. Rousseff suddenly looks unstoppable." He adds that the "markets" are hoping that current Vice President Michel Temer will take over, "grasping the nettles of austerity and reform at the head of a pro-market government."

Notably, Evans-Pritchard has been deployed personally into Sao Paulo, from where he has been writing prolifically since the beginning of March. In a March 3 Telegraph column, he insisted that Brazil

"is heading straight into the arms of the International Monetary Fund. The sooner this grim reality is recognised by the country’s leaders, the safer it will be for the world."

Simultaneously, the British Crown has activated Marina Silva in the drive to bring down the Rousseff government. Silva is a wholly-owned "green" asset of the British royal family, who in 2008 received from Royal Consort Prince Philip himself, founder of the murderous World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award’ for her environmental achievements. Silva came in third in the first round of the 2014 presidential elections, but she only became a presidential candidate after her running mate (she was a vice presidential candidate), Eduardo Campos, died in a suspicious plane crash three months before the election.

In remarks reported by Folha de Sao Paulo March 6, Silva not only backed the arrest of Lula da Silva, but demanded that Rousseff and her Vice President be removed from office, not simply by impeachment but by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), as this, she said, would overturn the results of the October 2014 election won by Rousseff, thus "correcting an involuntary mistake" by the Brazilian people, and leading to new presidential elections.

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