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NATO Expands Cooperation with Turkey Even as Turkey Reveals Itself To Be Run by Fascists

March 8, 2016 (EIRNS)—Only days after the government takeover of the Zaman news organization inside Turkey, Turkish Prime Minister Ahemt Davutoglu was in Brussels demanding NATO’s cooperation on both the migrant crisis and Syria. According to the NATO statement on Davutoglu’s visit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reported that NATO started its activities in the Aegean, yesterday, to help stop migrants trying to reach Greece.

As part of efforts to assist with the refugee and migrant crisis, Stoltenberg also said that the alliance has decided to intensify intelligence, surveillance, and monitoring along the Turkish-Syrian border.

"This will complement the assurance measures for Turkey we decided late last year, including more AWACS presence and an increased naval presence."

Such NATO operations clearly go beyond refugee issues, directly supporting Turkey’s continued criminal shelling of Syria and support for terrorists in Syria.

While calling the truce in Syria "the best possible basis for renewing efforts to reach a negotiated, peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria," Stoltenberg also complained about Russian military presence in Syria and the eastern Mediteranean.

"Russia’s military activity in the region has fueled the humanitarian crisis and driven more people to Turkey’s borders. It has also caused violations of NATO airspace,"

he claimed. "So more than ever, it is important to see calm, de-escalation and dialogue." There is no mention in their public statements whether or not NATO considers the very strong likelihood that the AKP government in Ankara is a major factor in the destabilization that Stoltenberg claims to be so concerned about.

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