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Austrian School Fascists Lead Campaign To Overthrow Brazilian President

March 14, 2016 (EIRNS)—Sunday’s demonstrations in some 245 Brazilian cities, calling for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, are being reported as the largest in Brazil’s history, with estimates of the participants ranging from three to five million people, the majority of them in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Participants are largely from the middle-class, who are being mobilized as much by the economic collapse over the past year as by anti-corruption hysteria created around the "Mani Pulite" (Clean Hands) operation. That operation is headed up by State Department-trained Judge Sergio Moro; it has already crippled the state oil company and Brazil’s major construction and engineering companies, paralyzed public investment, jailed the admiral who founded and led the country’s nuclear program, and now seeks to jail former President Lula da Silva and President Rousseff—among others.

The intent of the British Empire, as stated by the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on March 7, is to destroy Brazil, to destroy the BRICS grouping, in which Rousseff has played a leading role. The leadership of the "social movements" organizing this "Color Revolution" in the streets are Margaret Thatcher-espousing proponents of the British Empire’s fascist "Austrian School of economics" associated with the infamous Von Mises and Von Hayek. These are the bankers’ anti-government shock-troops, who would hand Brazil’s middle class over to the vulture funds, if they succeed, as their co-thinker, Argentine President Mauricio Macri is now doing in Argentina.

The case of the Free Brazil Movement (MBL) is exemplary. The MBL, founded by a group of students, dominates the marches in Sao Paulo, which is the center of the opposition nationally. The Austrian School’s Atlas Foundation reported last year that

"many members within the Free Brazil Movement have passed through Atlas Network’s premier training program, the Atlas Leadership Academy, and are now applying what they learned on the ground...."

But the MBL is only the leading group among several other equally rabid, anti-government shock troops, joined in the so-called "Liberty Network." Brazil’s Ludwig Von Mises Institute was thrilled that 10,000 balloons reading "Less Marx, More Mises" were released in Sunday’s demonstrations!

Wall Street and the City of London are now betting, on their futures markets, that an early fall of Dilma’s government is now assured. The Establishment daily, O Estadao de Sao Paulo, demanded in its editorial on March 13, the day of the demonstrations, that Rousseff resign immediately.

President Rousseff, however, reminded reporters three days ago that she had survived jail and torture under the military dictatorship, and is not a quitter. The demand that she resign, she pointed out, just shows that the interests behind this know that there are no grounds for her impeachment.

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