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Agora Erasmus Statement on Brussels Bombings

Members and supporters of the Belgian LaRouche movement Agora Erasmus, who were close to the events in Brussels when they happened yesterday, are reportedly safe. Agora Erasmus released the following statement following yesterday's terrorist attacks.

Brussels Bombings: Let's Be Firm and Coherent Agcainst Terrorism and Its Sponsors

BRUSSELS, March 22, 2016 (Agora Erasmus)—Today Brussels is in tears. At this tragic juncture, our thoughts and heart goes to the victims, their families and friends. Our affection and support goes to the first aid workers, the police forces, the security services, the authorities of the government and to all those simple citizens who kept calm and showed solidarity in this horrible hardship.

However, we cannot but call on the Belgian government to draw the lessons of these attacks, and uproot immediately both the known networks as well as the godfathers of this barbarism:

First of all, the decades long, evil role of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in spreading the Wahhabite and Salafist ideologies and the financing of terrorist organizations, on which the Belgian, as well as the U.S., the British as well as the French government, turned a blind eye and even more, to which some ... have offered honorific distinctions....

Then, there is the complicity with Daesh of Turkey, a member state of NATO whose headquarters is 8 km from the attacks. While Erdogan and his family buys Daesh's oil and provides them with weapons and equipment, the EU submits itself to Turkey's wishes by exchanging refugees and offering it billions of euros.

Finally, there is the financing of terrorism, which would be impossible without the banking facilities of the fiscal safe heavens offered by the City of London and Wall Street, as documented in a U.S. Senate report in the case of British bank HSBC. In Belgium, an investigative parliamentary commission on the financing sources of terrorism, if allowed to do their job, would quickly arrive at the conclusion that an orderly banking reorganization, through a banking separation law based on the Glass-Steagall Act, would be an excellent weapon in the war on terrorism.

In addition to those three concrete measures, we need a shift in our overall political orientation. Because the monsters that struck us today are the same monsters that Western leaders created and promoted yesterday in their cynical game of geopolitical domination against Russia and China. As a matter of fact, NATO's secret wars created, not only the breeding ground for the evil terrorism, but also the chaos of the refugee crisis. So the policies that were promoted by our leaders yesterday, willfully or by our submission, are now backfiring and hitting us with full force in the face.

Instead of seeking endlessly for confrontation and geopolitical domination, Belgium, as well as other member states of NATO and the EU have everything to win from dÃàtente, entente, and cooperation with Putin's Russia, who happens to be the only head of state sticking to principles, and really committed to ending Daesh.

Let's also deepened our cooperation with China, with which Belgium is celebrating 45 years of very good relations, and is working for mutual development with its New Silk Road vision. Only economic development shall create better living conditions and cultural exchanges between peoples that will allow us, for real, to eliminate the threat that struck Brussels today.

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