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Water Production Success by Atmospheric Ionization

March 28, 2016 (EIRNS)—Another successful proof of principle, of producing increased precipitation by ionizing the atmosphere, was reported today by Benjamin Deniston of the LaRouche Science Team.

The final results of an ionization experimental project in Oman, conducted by the company Australian Rain Technologies for 140 days in 2014, replicated the successes of earlier lengthy tests in Mexico, in particular.

2014 was the second year of a five-year project by Australian Rain Technologies. Results are also reported for 2015 now. But in 2014, operating four ionization stations for 140 days, the company increased rainfall by 33% over a 16,000-km area, equivalent to a medium-size U.S. state. They generated an estimated increase of 96 million cubic meters in surface water flow.

Most amazingly, the four stations used 500 watts each (at 70kV), totaling only 2 kW needed to power the entire ionization process. It produced 180 million gals/day of precipitation over that period, 3.5 times the output of the new Carlsbad, CA, desalination plant, which uses 35 MW of power!

Although the precipitation area was not an established watershed, and rainfall was therefore dispersed and not all collectible, it would be useful over a potentially agricultural area. The astonishing power efficiency of the atmospheric ionization technology in producing water, was 50,000 times that of the new desalination plant.

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