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Fujimori’s Daughter Wins Largest Vote in First Round of Peru Presidential Election, Beating Soros

April 11, 2016 (EIRNS)—Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, is way out front in the vote count of Sunday’s presidential election, winning nearly 40% (39.5) of the vote, and a near majority in Congress, with 85% of the vote counted. As it stands now, Keiko will likely face a run-off election with former First Boston co-chairman and hedge fund owner Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (known as "PPK"), who with his 21% of the vote is ahead of the third leading contender, Green/pro-drug leftist candidate Veronika Mendoza by about a half million votes.

Everyone knows this is a vote for a return to the policies of Alberto Fujimori’s government, more than support for his more pragmatist daughter, Keiko. As President from 1990-2000, Fujimori defied London’s orders to capitulate to the bestial Shining Path and MRTA narcoterrorists, and mobilized the military and other national institutions to defeat the terrorists and drive back the drug trade. Within IMF financial constraints, he did what he could to bring electricity and roads to rural areas which governments had ignored for decades. When Fujimori then called for building a "United States of South America" around great development projects in August 2000, while his close associates were working on having American statesman Lyndon LaRouche visit Peru, George Soros personally took charge (with then-Secretary of State Madelaine Albright) of running (and financing) the coup which ousted Fujimori three months later. Fujimori is still in jail today, along with his top nationalist allies.

Luis Vasquez Medina, long-time leader of the LaRouche movement in Peru, welcomed yesterday’s vote, calling it the first opportunity since that coup 16 years ago that "Soros’s government" could be thrown out of office. Every government since the coup has been a Soros government, no matter the president, he pointed out. As a result, the drug trade has regained control nationwide, the mining companies looted freely, and almost no productive economic activity has been left standing. Now Peru must turn to Russia, China, and the BRICS, and fight to build the South American transcontinental railroad, Vasquez said.

Soros, the Project Democracy apparatus, and their media are gearing up their already-hyper campaign against Keiko, so as to defeat her in the June 5th second round, an operation which includes ferocious pressure on her to play by the rules of their game, rather than campaigning to lead Peru into the New Silk Road/World Land-Bridge paradigm.

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