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Russian UN Ambassador Churkin Demands U.S. Stop Turkey from Sending Terrorists to Syria

April 13, 2016 (EIRNS)—Russia’s UN envoy, Vitaly Churkin, demanded at a closed-door UN Security Council meeting yesterday,that the U.S. do everything it can to stop its "close ally," Turkey, from sending terrorists across its border to Syria, RT reported.

After the UN Security Council meeting, Churkin said that Syrian UN mediator Stefan di Mistura confirmed that the terrorist al-Nusra Front had launched an offensive against Syrian forces around Aleppo, and that some Security Council members had expressed concerns that the militant buildup in Aleppo may wreck the ceasefire. Churkin said that 10,000 terrorist fighters have practically encircled Aleppo and are preparing to storm the city, and that Turkey continues to send men and weapons to Al-Nusra acorss its border.

Churkin said, "These close allies [U.S. and Turkey] must ensure Turkey’s territory is not used to funnel fighters." He said that in the last few days, a few thousand fighters had been observed crossing the border from Turkey to Syria, many in the vicinity of Aleppo. Churkin also said that Turkey "threatened to make negotiations impossible" if the Syrian Kurds are invited. He called the Turkish actions, "completely irrational."

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