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President Putin—Working Together in Space To Better Understand Each Other on Earth

April 13, 2016 (EIRNS)—Throughout a series of remarks at Cosmonautics Day celebrations yesterday in Russia, President Vladimir Putin reviewed the proud history of Russia in space, and stressed the importance of international cooperation. At a concert last evening, President Putin said that "Russia is firmly holding the leading position in the world," in many areas, listing its "[C]ompetitive position in rocket engine building, we still have the first place in the world; in terms of the number of space launches..." and "we are working on new high-tech products." He described the work on the new Vostochny launch center, saying that, "In many respects, the future of not only the Russian, but also world space science, is connected with Vostochny... taking into account that we plan to make launches here in the interests of our economy, and work jointly with our foreign partners within the framework of international cooperation."

Unlike the U.S., where the history of the accomplishments in space is most often ignored, forgotten, or attacked, Putin addressed the veterans of the Soviet program, saying,

"You established the traditions that make it possible for Russia to be among leaders of the space sphere. We are proud by right that our great compatriots stood at the origin of the space era; put into practice bold dreams about flights to the stars, [and] were trailblazers in [the] creation of unique space apparatuses... Today, Russia’s scientists, engineers, [and] cosmonauts continue the glorious traditions of their predecessors."

Speaking with workers at the Vostochny site, Putin said that he hoped that Russia and its space station partners—the U.S., Europe, and Japan—would work together in ways that

"would help us bring our positions closer, and perhaps through space, understand one another better on Earth."

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