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Russian Foreign Ministry: U.S. Walking on Brink of Nuclear War

April 16, 2016 (EIRNS)—The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement, yesterday, once again warning of the risk of U.S. plans to replace its current stockpile of B61-3/4 nuclear gravity bombs in Europe, with the modernized B61-12, which features both greater accuracy and a "dial-a-yield" feature by which its explosive yield can be customized for the particular target against which it’s to be used.

"It is a very dangerous project that can considerably lower the nuclear weapons use ‘threshold’ when American nuclear bombs are seen as ’battlefield weapons.’ We must not forget that Moscow and Washington abandoned such an option twenty-five years ago," the statement said. "It looks like the United States is planning to plunge back into its former irresponsible practice of walking on the brink of nuclear warfare.

"Instead of propaganda statements on the United States’ commitment to further steps in the area of nuclear disarmament, it would be expedient to pull all U.S. non-strategic nuclear weapons back to the national territory [as Russia did 25 years ago], to impose a ban on their deployment outside national territories, to dismantle the entire infrastructure that can be used to swiftly re-deploy U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe and, of course, to refrain from any exercises with servicemen of non-nuclear NATO states on drilling the skills of the use of nuclear weapons,"

the statement said.

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