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Obama Launches a New Effort To Turn ASEAN Against China

April 21, 2016 (EIRNS)—Obama this week launched his Southeast Asia Maritime Security Initiative (MSI), announced last summer but only now being funded. The plan is to put $425 million into military support for the seven ASEAN countries bordering the South China Sea, plus Taiwan—aimed at winning joint support for Obama’s confrontation with China. Much of the money is expected to go to the Philippines, where US Ambassador Philip Goldberg announced on Monday a $42 million package for an aerostat reconnaissance blimp and sensors for Philippine naval patrol vessels to help the US to identify and target Chinese ships.

The MSI was initiated by Sen. John McCain, in his endless search for new wars, and promoted by Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

In an interview with The Diplomat, Carter praised the Philippines as "one of the more forward-leaning among the four ASEAN claimants in the South China Sea disputes," and accused China of taking advantage of their weak military.

Do the Philippines think a blimp is going to help them if Obama starts a war with China?