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China Daily Repeats Warning About Military Aggression: We Are ‘Ready for Anything’

April 25, 2016 (EIRNS)—In an unsigned editorial, China Daily again made clear China’s consistent stance on the South China Sea, and other, similar, provocations directed against China: "[China is in a] Steady pursuit of peace, but ready for anything."

"Washington is rushing to the forefront of the maritime disputes with Beijing. It is dusting off its long-neglected military alliance with the Philippines. It is seeking closer military relationships with India and Vietnam. It is dragging the Japanese military into the South China Sea.

"Despite all the ear-pleasing diplomatic rhetoric from Washington, about not choosing sides, about peace and negotiated solutions, the hawkish Pentagon is making it increasingly clear that it will not give up until real trouble emerges in the South China Sea.

"The China-U.S. standoff is going beyond the exchange of verbal swords, and is increasingly taking the form of hostile, though as yet by-and-large restrained, military encounters."

China has argued for a "new-type major-country relationship" between it and the United Sates, "but it takes two to tango. In the South China Sea, at least at this moment, the US does not want to dance with China."

"Washington may not acknowledge it, but the two countries’ militaries appear to be on a collision course. Which is why Beijing must be prepared."

"However, things are not yet irreparable," in China’s view.

"As long as Beijing considers the South China Sea a core national interest, as long as it prioritizes development at home, as long as it remains committed to sustaining a peaceful environment for domestic development, as long as it aspires to become a different kind of big power, it should avail itself of every possibility to avoid military solutions to territorial disputes."

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