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The United States Is Invading Syria

April 26, 2016 (EIRNS)—The reality of the Obama Administration policy in Syria, where Obama has just announced the deployment of another 250 special forces in addition to the 50 already there, is that the US is putting armed forces within the internationally recognized borders of a sovereign country without the consent of the government of that country. That, by anybody else’s definition, is an invasion.

The fact that the size of the force is small and that it supposedly isn’t to be involved in combat, is irrelevant. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook tried to justify this invasion, during a briefing at the Pentagon, yesterday, as necessary to fight ISIS, but, under reporters’ questioning, he stressed that "there will be a presence of U.S. forces in Syria doing this kind of work in the—for the foreseeable future." In other words, the US has no intention of allowing those parts of Syria where forces supported by the US are fighting, to return to the authority of the Syrian government in Damascus for the foreseeable future.