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Backlash Builds Against Obama-Brennan 9/11 Coverup

May 3, 2016 (EIRNS)—Following Sunday’s blatant public admission by CIA Director John Brennan that President Obama has no intention of declassifying the 28 pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry, and his lying misrepresentations of the 28 pages as “unsubstantiated leads” that were dismissed by the 9/11 Commission, there is a groundswell of opposition to the continuing cover-up of the Anglo-Saudi terror apparatus.

Paul Sperry, writing in today’s New York Post was blunt, in an article headlined “The Establishment is Lying about 9/11 Report.” Sperry not only debunked Brennan’s lies. He produced a CIA document dated Aug. 2, 2002, which he said is quoted on the first page of the sealed 28-page chapter, which declared “there is incontrovertible evidence there is support for these terrorists from the Saudi government.” Sperry, who has been obviously leaked at least segments of the 28 pages, reminded Brennan that he was Deputy Director of the CIA at the time that report was produced. Sperry went on to attack Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, the two co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, for reversing their earlier stance that the 28 pages and all the files from the Commission that are still classified, to their recent claim that the Commission exonerated the Saudis and the release of the 28 pages would muddy the waters. Sperry picked apart one egregious lie by Brennan and the commissioners, that there was not even evidence against the Saudi cleric Al-Thumairy, who was based in Los Angeles and had contact with Saudi intelligence operative al-Bayoumi and the two San Diego terrorists al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar.

Dan Christensen, whose lawsuit against the FBI to release the 80,000 pages of documents on the Sarasota, Florida, 9/11 cell is still pending before a Federal Judge, posted a story in his Florida Bulldog web publication today, quoting from an interview he had conducted May 2 with former CIA Director and Joint Inquiry co-chair Porter Goss, in which Goss continued to demand the release of the 28 pages, in stark contrast to Brennan. Christensen titled the article “It’s spy versus spy as CIA directors differ on making public 28 hidden pages of 9-11 report.” In his interview with the Bulldog, Goss described a meeting he and Sen. Bob Graham had with then-FBI director Robert Mueller, who shocked them both by insisting that the 28-page chapter had to be suppressed—without any further explanation.

Kristen Breitweiser, the widow of one of the 9/11 victims, penned yet another article for Huffington Post, in which she meticulously picked apart the statements by Kean and Hamilton, under the headline “Uproar Over the 28 Pages: The Saudi/CIA Connection?” referring to none other than John Brennan, who was CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, after serving there earlier in his career as well.

A slew of other publications picked up on the same theme: Obama and Brennan are covering up for the Saudis. This included a article by Larry Provost and new articles in Breitbart News and other conservative outlets.

If Obama and Brennan thought they could bully their way through their cover-up of the crimes of 9/11, they were dead wrong. As Lyndon LaRouche has been warning for weeks, Obama is nothing but a British agent who will do what he is told by the British Monarchy—and will never do anything to jeopardize the Anglo-Saudi empire. Until Obama is removed, this battle is likely to continue, and Obama’s refusal to release the 28 pages is more than sufficient cause for his impeachment now!

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