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‘Alternative for Italy’ Founded in Rome, But Likeness Ends with Name

May 5, 2016 (EIRNS)—The group around Prof. Antonio Maria Rinaldi, which runs the website, has founded a political movement called "Alternativa per l’Italia" (API). The name is an evident play on the name for the Alternative für Deutschland, but they say that the similarities stop at the name.

Indeed, judging from their programmatic points, API insists on defending the Constitution, which has been violated by EU laws and free-market economics, calls for Glass-Steagall, and addresses the immigration issue only in one line, which calls for controlling immigration flows.

The movement was announced in a press conference in the Italian Senate by Professor Rinaldi, as they have one or more members in the Senate.


1. "Re-establishing the original constitutional guarantees;

2. "Pursuing economic policies aiming at reaching full employment;

3. "Priority of the citizen’s interests over the interest of the financial system and of national and international industrial powers;

4. "Primacy of National law over European law;...

8. "Abolishing the budget balancing prescription in the Constitution...

10. "Exit from the Monetary Union and reintroduction of a new sovereign currency, with the backing of a government central bank whose shares are owned by Italian citizens, and revision of the Italian banking law through the separation between commercial and investment banks (Glass-Steagall Act);...

13. "Rebalancing the role of control and coordination of the economy by government (Art. 41-47 of the Constitution);

14. "Nationalization of essential public services and of firms of national strategic interest;

15. "Industrial policy aimed at expanding production sectors in Italy;

16. "Re-establishing the rule of law on the issue of illegal immigration and planning of migration flows;

17. "Taxation as a function of real tax capacity, i.e. of real income produced;...

20. "Defense and promotion of Italian culture, from art to literature, from music to the territory, including particular attention to local specificities and traditions;

21. "Reform of the judiciary system through a separation of careers between prosecutors and judges;

22. "Collaboration with all political forces which pursue the same goals.

Point 21 refers to an aspect of the current judiciary system that makes it easy to carry out abuses against the political system, a la "Clean Hands."

Alternativa per l’Italia has started a campaign to stop Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reform, which has been voted up by Parliament and is supposed to be sanctioned by a national referendum in October. The reform eliminates the Senate and submits the Chamber of Deputies very much to the executive.

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