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Demands for Release of the 28 Pages Escalate; Pressure Mounts to Pass Justice Against State Terrorism Act

May 6, 2016 (EIRNS)—Major media press coverage and broad discussion of evidence pointing to Saudi responsibility for 9/11, have escalated pressure for the release of the "28 Pages" of the Joint Inquiry of Congress, and for passage of the Justice against State Terrorism Act (JASTA) bill, which allows families of victims of terrorism to sue those responsible. A press breakout occurred May 5-6:

  • On May 5, PBS Newshour featured a report by PBS’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Margaret Warner and Hari Sreenivasan, in which Warner said that White House and the Saudis were "apoplectic" about both the 28 pages and JASTA pressure launched launched by CBS’s "60 Minutes" Show April 10. PBS’s Warner also reported that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) had released his hold on the Justice Against State Terrorism Act (JASTA), although Graham’s office would not confirm that today.

  • An article by J. Michael Springmann, titled "28 Pages Later..." in Op-Ed News May 5, co-authored with Barabara Honegger pointed to to former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel’s release of the top-secret "Pentagon Papers" as a model for overcoming the secrecy classification. They write, "BUT there really is better way, and one that Congress has used before..." and describe Sen. Mike Gravel’s reading of the top secret Pentagon Papers in a Senate hearing, and insertion of 4,000+ pages into Senate Proceedings. Since the "28 pages" are locked in a guarded room, they propose that Senators and Representatives read the pages "and then openly recite from memory and discuss their contents and meaning on the floor of either House," in a colloquy. They report that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Gravel 9-0 in Gravel v. United States 408 US 606 (1972), and report that Sen. Gravel personally met with U.S. Representatives and Senators on taking this approach to the 28 pages. Springmann is a State Department diplomat formerly posted to Saudi Arabia, Germany, and India.

  • News 10, owned by Media General in Washington D.C., published a lengthy article today by Chance Seales, titled, "Sept. 11 Classified Docs, Saudi Lawsuits Loom Large in Washington, D.C."

  • Rep. Brad Sherman’s (D-Calif.) office issued a press release announcing his call for the release of the 28 pages on May 3.

  • The Baltimore Sun published a letter by LaRouche PAC Leader Jerry Belsky, entitled "Saudi Arabia was the Villain behind 9/11."

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