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Removal of Dilma Is ‘A Coup by Another Name,’ Says The Hindu

May 13, 2016 (EIRNS)—In an editorial today, Indian news daily The Hindu said the regime change in Brazil is "a coup by another name". It pointed out that the impeachment is "likely to deepen Brazil’s political crisis at a time when the country needs a stable administration to cope with the enormous challenges it faces, especially the current economic crisis, and chronic corruption."

The editorial said,

"Those who support the impeachment, politicians and others, say it is a fight against corruption and Ms. Rousseffs economic ineptitude. This line of reasoning has at least two problems. First, she has not been implicated in any corruption case. Ironically, Vice-President Michel Temer, who will now take over as acting President, has been named in a Petrobras bribery scandal. According to surveys, only 2% of Brazilians support him for President, while 60% favor his impeachment. Even the head of the Senate and the man who oversaw the impeachment vote, Renan Calheiros, is the subject of 11 criminal probes.

"Second, it is not clear what kind of changes the incoming acting President can bring about to rescue Brazil’s economy from a free fall and to stabilize its politics—given that he faces corruption charges and has no popular mandate. Though Ms. Rousseff is unpopular, the PT still commands respect among large sections of Brazil’s poor."

In an interview with Sputnik, Iowa-based Luther College’s Assistant Professor of Political Science, specializing in Brazilian politics, Dr. Pedro Dos Santos pointed out that the political parties and factions are using the impeachment process as an excuse to put the Workers Party and its policy on trial.

"To take away the Workers Party from the government and to redirect the country in whatever direction the PMDB (the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party) sees fit. Dilma Rousseff has not been implicated in any major scandals at this point, including the Petrobras corruption scandal,"

Dos Santos added.

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