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Steinmeier: Opposition to Russia Sanctions May Stop Them in July

May 15, 2016 (EIRNS)—The opposition against the extension of the anti-Russian sanctions has increased within the European Union, and it would be very difficult to achieve a common approach on the issue, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview with the Berlin-based daily Tagesspiegel as reported today in Sputnik.

"We can see that the resistance against the extension of the sanctions within the EU has grown and compared with the last year it would be more difficult to reach a common stance on the issue,"

Steinmeier told the newspaper.

"We need Russia for tackling major international crises. In the case of Syria, this is already taken for granted. And I venture to predict, we will also need Russia’s involvement to stabilize the situation in Libya,"

Steinmeier said.

Sputnik notes the vote in the French National Assembly on May 12 in favor of a resolution that called for lifting the sanctions.

The sanctions are due to expire in July. The EU Summit scheduled for June 28-29 will likely decide on the issue.

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