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Retired Four-Star Generals Warn: Greatest Threat to U.S. Is Economic Crisis

May 21, 2016 (EIRNS)—Three retired four-star generals spoke at a recent public forum in Fayetteville, North Carolina and delivered a joint denunciation of the past two presidents, and identified the lack of an effective economic policy as the greatest threat—much greater than any threat posed by Russia or North Korea.

The three generals—Ray Odierno, William F. Kernan, and Lance L. Smith—all agreed that the disintegration of the economy is the greatest threat to the United States. All three further noted that there has been a lack of diplomacy and economic engagement with the world, and this has put over-emphasis on military actions, when there are no kinetic solutions. All three also agreed that the “lack of leadership” was another grave crisis that had to be solved before the United States could regain the trust of allies and play a constructive role in trouble-spots like the Middle East.

Each in their own way, the three generals blasted President Obama, with Kernan emphasizing that the real measure of leadership is being able to build effective teams, adding “any good leader recognizes he’s not omnipotent.” Odierno seconded that observation, noting that “the next president has to rebuild our relationships around the world,” adding that the last 15 years has seen the U.S. political system disintegrate and splinter.

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