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Mukherjee China Trip Boosts Strategic Partnership and Cooperation; This Fall, G20 Meets in China, BRICS Meets in India

May 27, 2106 (EIRNS)—Indian President Pranab Mukherjee’s four-day (May 23-27) trip promises to boost strategic and cooperative friendship between China and India, and has been dubbed widely in India as "fruitful and productive." During his visit, Mukherjee interacted with Chinese students, faculty members, academics, and top Chinese leaders such as President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

Reporting on today’s events, the BRICS Post noted that at the meeting with Pres. Mukherjee, Pres. Xi called for the two nations to support each other in regional and international affairs, and work together on their hosting of major Fall conferences—the G20 Summit in China in September, and the annual BRICS conference in India in October. Xi said,

"We are both committed to making the international political and economic order more fair and reasonable. It can be said our dreams are shared and our interests well aligned."

Xi spoke in specifics of areas of development within the two nations, saying that India and China must tap the potential for practical cooperation on railways, industrial parks, smart cities, new energy, environmental protection, information technology, human resources, industrial capacity, investment, tourism and services, the BRICS Post reported. The Chinese president looked forward to closer cultural and people-to-people exchanges as well as law-enforcement and security cooperation between the two countries. Plus, the two sides should appropriately address their differences, Xi told Mukherjee.

During his flight back home, President Mukherjee told news reporters that he had discussed with President Xi joint efforts to counter terrorism.

"As close neighbors, India and China should work together. The Chinese leadership agreed that terrorism was a menace to the entire human race. They conveyed their willingness to enhance cooperation, including in the UN,"

he said, PTI reported.

It is also evident that Mukherjee discussed with President Xi cooperation in the area of developing nuclear energy for power generation. During his flight back home, PTI reported, Mukherjee expressed hope that China will play a positive and facilitative role in ensuring a predictable environment for India in its pursuit of its civil nuclear program in reducing the huge power deficit the country faces.

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