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More Warnings of War from American and Russian Voices

May 27, 2016 (EIRNS)—Two leading voices opposing the Obama Administration and NATO’s escalating provocations against Russia have spoken out this week again, warning of the imminent danger of general war.

A dire warning came from Gen.-Col. Leonid Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, in remarks to the Russian publication, Zavtra, published Thursday. In Ivashov’s view,

“these are serious preparations for war. And not only in and around the northwestern borders of our country, but along Russia’s entire perimeter. The U.S. National Security Strategic, adopted early last year, marked the start of active preparations for the military phase. It was stated there that there exists no multi-polar world, because there is no alternative to American leadership.”

The reason for these military preparations, he said, is that Russia “is quietly, but steadily changing the world.” As a result, America is losing its leadership of the world and blaming the Russians for that.

In his latest weekly interview with New York City radio host John Batchelor, Prof. Stephen Cohen warned that "hot war," not "Cold War" is the danger faced now because of Obama’s and NATO’s actions. Prof. Cohen escalated his attacks on Western policies, by directly comparing the military buildup along the Russian border by NATO to the buildup by Hitler before the launching of Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union in 1941.

There were no parallel buildups of NATO forces at any time during the Cold War, which prompted Cohen to warn that we may already be beyond the danger of a new Cold War, and facing a hot war. US and NATO officials, Cohen warned, have recently made clear this is only the beginning of what will be a very large-scale and permanent amassing of military power on the new Eastern Front. And Moscow, while remembering the German invasion of 1941, is reacting accordingly by mobilizing its own forces on its Western territories and promising more “counter-measures.”

Even scarier is that even though the alleged threat of ongoing “Russian aggression,” which Washington and Brussels officials cite as justification, clearly does not exist, no critical questions about the NATO build-up have appeared in the American mainstream media, only applause and calls for “more and bigger military exercises,” as a recent New York Times editorial put it.

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