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‘This Era Is Presenting China and India a Great Opportunity,’ Says China’s Premier Li Keqiang

June 2, 2016 (EIRNS)—On May 31, China’s Premier Li Keqiang held a dialogue with senior editors from Asia attending the annual meeting of the Asia News Network (ANN) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. During his talks with Ravindra Kumar, editor-in-chief of The Statesman, an Indian news daily, Premier Li said that at a time when the world economic recovery remains sluggish, the dynamism of Asia is needed more than ever.

"With a combined population of 2.5 billion that accounts for one-third of the world total, China and India represent an enormous market. If China and India work together and forge synergy, it will deliver benefits not only to the Chinese and Indian people, but also to Asia and beyond,"

Li said, Xinhua reported today.

Asked by Kumar about resolving the decades-old boundary dispute between India and China, which resulted in a border war in 1962, Li replied:

"We should first be mindful of the long history of the boundary question. This is a long-standing issue left from the past. Such a complex issue that has existed for a long time couldn’t be resolved in a short span of time. That would be too much to ask. This will take time, just as when one has his meal, he should eat one mouthful at a time. Second, the boundary question should be put in a proper place in China-India relations. Now both countries have the wish to maintain stability and security in the border areas, and to seek settlement step by step through negotiations. There are also an increasing number of channels for communication in managing differences. China and India are fully able to properly manage their differences. China and India should stay focused on enhancing political mutual trust, expanding practical cooperation, and increasing people-to-people interaction. This is the win-win relationship that both sides, especially political leaders from the two countries, should work to advance,"

he said.

The BRICS Post reported today that during his dialogue with the senior editors, Li also referred to the recently concluded Chabahar port development in Iran, which was agreed among Iran, India, and Afghanistan. He said Beijing "welcomes" it. "It is good news to China to see a new growth point in any country, as it may bring more opportunities to Chinese companies, too. Competition is only natural in a market economy and we welcome it," he said.

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