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British Freakout, Demand JASTA Be Blocked

June 6, 2016 (EIRNS)—The British have now directly weighed in to save their Saudi assets in the ongoing battle in the United States (now extended into Germany) to expose the direct Anglo-Saudi hand behind 9/11 and all the other jihadist terror attacks over the past decades. A Daily Telegraph article by Tory Member of Parliament Tom Tugendhat, former adviser to the Chief of the Defense Staff, argues that if JASTA passes, British intelligence and the British government could be sued for “past” support for terrorists in Londonistan. The article is bluntly headlined “Why a US law to let 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia is a threat to Britain and its intelligence agencies.”

While the JASTA bill is not explicitly aimed against Britain, which enjoys close intelligence cooperation with the United States,

“Under the bill, US citizens might sue the British government claiming negligent lack of effort to tackle Islamic radicalism in earlier decades. Some in the U.S. already accuse Britain of tolerating radical preachers in ‘Londonistan’ during the nineties, an approach they say spawned terrorism.”

The author cites the case of Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, who was radicalized at Finsbury Park Mosque under the watchful eye of MI5 and MI6.

“A lawsuit brought under Jasta might force the U.K. government to reveal intelligence about the plot, why it failed to act and its reasons for doing so. Alternatively, Britain would have to agree to a financial settlement. Either way, Britain’s reputation would be severely damaged.”

The author notes that there is a worst-case option, even under JASTA, which is for the President to invoke state secret privilege, which he can do even in private litigation. But, Tugendhat warns, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are supporting JASTA’s passage and might not be inclined to act. One more reminder that the British and Saudi Monarchies are attached at the hip—and elsewhere.

Of course, while it is true that “Londonistan” is truly the world capital of global terrorism, the British freakout is not about Richard Reid the “shoe bomber” or the Findsbury Park Mosque. The British are directly implicated in 9/11 through the BAE Systems Al Yamamah program, through which Prince Bandar was receiving enormous sums via the Bank of England, at the same time he was funding the San Diego 9/11 terrorist cell.

The real issue is that the release of the 28 pages opens the entire Pandora’s Box of Anglo-Saudi-Bush collusion in the biggest terrorist massacre ever to take place on U.S. soil. The full exposé of Bandar’s role immediately puts the entire BAE Al Yamamah issue back in the spotlight and forces a full re-investigation of everything surrounding 9/11.

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