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French Senate Votes ‘Gradual Relief’ of Sanctions vs. Russia; Follows French National Assembly’s Vote in April

June 8, 2016 (EIRNS)—The French Senate today voted up a resolution to gradually lift the EU-imposed sanctions against Russia implemented after the West’s "color revolution" in Ukraine in 2014. The resolution calls for a "gradual relief" of the sanctions on Russian trade imposed by the West, RT reported today.

RT reported, "The vast majority—302 senators—voted for the move, with only 16 being against the lifting of anti-Russia sanctions. In all, 335 politicians were present at the meeting in the Luxembourg Palace."

In late April, 55 Members of the French National Assembly voted up a similar resolution submitted by 85 French MPs. The Assembly’s resolution was stronger, calling on the government not to extend at all the EU-imposed sanctions on Russia.

The motions demonstrate an increasing revolt against the EU, based on sanity, but under EU rules the resolutions are non-binding, because the embargo is renewed in Brussels; to lift the sanctions requires unanimity of the 28 Member States, Le Figaro reported. Another reason to abolish the EU.

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