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Spiegel in Last-Minute Warning: NATO Exercises ‘Going Too Far’

June 8, 2016 (EIRNS)—In what is clearly an "alert" in Germany that the current NATO maneuvers threaten actual war, Der Spiegel today published an article warning that the "Anaconda" maneuvers in Poland unnecessarily "play out the scenario of a real war," and mean that "the Alliance is going too far."

Spiegel wishes to put the blame for this on Poland, which it says is irritating other Alliance members by demanding actions

"too clearly aimed at Moscow. For the alliance this is inconvenient: while Brussels has stressed that it intends to somehow restore the dialogue with Moscow, in Poland there is a war being played,"

the magazine says, while strongly implying that some NATO members are participating in "Anaconda" only due to Polish demands. The article is called "Military Maneuvers in Poland: In the Stranglehold of ‘Anaconda’."

And Spiegel also writes that the upcoming NATO Warsaw summit in July may be "politically poisoned," again it says, by Poland. "Warsaw is acting intentionally provocatively. Thus, it invited Georgia and Ukraine to take part in the Anaconda-16 exercise. Both would like to be part of NATO, but the alliance has rejected this idea for years. But for the Poles, it doesn’t matter. [And] Warsaw has declared the NATO-Russia Founding Act, the basic agreement with Moscow, obsolete."

But Poland has been urged on with this war provocation for months by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Obama Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. U.S. senior NATO officers have pushed the solidarity of all NATO members with Poland and the Baltic nations against "Russian agression," and have demanded support from non-members Sweden and Finland as well. This is an Obama provocation, employing Poland’s extreme right-wing government.

Spiegel is obviously reflecting, as its name implies, the fears of German military and elected officials that they may now find themselves near the start of World War III, and that the German government is doing nothing to oppose this.

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