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NATO ‘Is About To Make the Biggest Mistake in Its History;’ Warnings against the Drive into World War III

June 9, 2016 (EIRNS)—With its plans for stationing missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, NATO "is probably about to make the biggest mistake in its history," Jochen Bittner writes in his blogs in Die Zeit. The Russian response may be the cancellation of the entire INF Treaty, of all agreements banning and limiting missile systems in Europe, and that cancellation may occur right at the time of the NATO summit in Warsaw. That would be detrimental to European security, and therefore the question must be posed whether stationing a system that cannot neutralize multi-warhead modern Russian missiles anyway, is worth the loss of the INF Treaty, Bittner writes.

In an article similarly looking at NATO’s expansion eastwards and the massive increase of military exercises, Roland Barazon, longtime editor in chief of the Austrian Salzburger Nachrichten daily, writes that against this background, the conduct of the governments in Warsaw and Kiev is a big provocation of Russia. All of that is coordinated with the respective defense paragraphs in the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, Barazon charges. But a new world war will likely not begin in the east of Europe, Barazon believe. In his view, the situation in Southwest Asia is much more worrisome, with three leading regional powers—Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran—at odds with each other, and their respective backing by the United States or Russia might sooner or later pull the nuclear superpowers into bigger regional conflicts and thus trigger World War III.