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Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholar: NATO Missile Defense Will Backfire Badly against Europe

June 10, 2016 (EIRNS)—In an assessment published for the June issue of the Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft monthly, Anna Maria Kellner, defense policy analyst of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, looks at the ongoing installation of a NATO missile defense system in Poland and Romania. She comes to the conclusion that these facilities are not capable of neutralizing any of the weapons of the terrorists that they are officially designed to do. Neither Iran, nor Syria nor Libya are a threat to NATO.

The missile defenses may have some symbolic value to calm hysterical NATO member states in the east, Kellener concedes, but their net effect on Russia is that Moscow feels understandably provoked—although none of Russia’s multiple-warhead missiles is effectively threatened by the facilities. Russia may use the NATO moves as a welcome pretext though, to cancel the INF Treaty and thereby have a free hand to deploy whatever missile systems Moscow believes are necessary; therefore NATO’s promoting the missile defense system, would only cause NATO to shoot itself in the foot.