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Obama Anti-Russian Policy Endangering the Nation

June 16, 2016 (EIRNS)—During his weekly appearance on the John Batchelor radio show on June 14, NYU professor Stephen Cohen particularly scored the Obama Administration’s refusal to cooperate with Russia against terrorism.

"The major single largest cost of this unnecessary cold war with Russia is Washington’s refusal to cooperate with Russia against international terrorism, whether in Syria or in homeland security,"

Cohen said.

"That, I think, is an indictment of our political class, the Obama Administration and Congress in particular, that we all should judge very, very harshly, because they’re endangering each and every one of us and our families. Russia knows how to do counter-terrorism. We know we don’t know how to do it very well."

Cohen stressed that the Russians know the Middle East, that they live between the Western and Islamic worlds. He argued that had the FBI used the Russian-provided information on the Tsarnaev brothers, the Boston marathon bombing might never have happened. "I would call this anti-national security," Cohen said. "These are impeachable offenses by our government, that they are not doing things out of this political, ideological Cold War against Russia that could help protect us. Whether we talk about Syria or talk about homeland security, it’s a pattern, and it needs to end right away."

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