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Barak: Time to Come Soon to ‘Topple’ Netanyahu; Exposes Hidden Agenda of ‘One-State’ from ‘Jordan River to the Sea’

June 17, 2016 (EIRNS)—Ehud Barak, the former Israeli Prime Minister, and ex-Defense Minister/crony of fascist Benjamin Netanyahu, came out with a blistering attack on Netanyahu yesterday at the annual Herziliya Conference on security and policy.

"I call on the government to pull itself together and get back on track," he said, according to Haaretz.

"If it does not do so—it will be upon all of us, yes, a-l-l-l-l of us—to get up from our seats, both cozy and less cozy, and topple it, through mass protest and through the ballot box, before it will be too late."

Barak has been a snake, betraying the policies of the late Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, and serving as Netanyahu’s lackey for years. But yesterday’s speech reflects the growing concern by the Israeli military-security institutions that Netanyahu is creating a fascist state. Barak endorsed the work of "Commanders for Israeli Security," (CIS), which calls for an independent Palestinian state, reported the US-based Israel Policy Forum.

Barak systematically laid out the hidden agenda of Netanyahu to create a state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, which he warned will either be an "Apartheid State", or "bi-national state" in which the Jews will become a minority within a couple of generations, while likely suffering continuous civil war, reported Sputnik.

"Only a blind person or someone playing dumb, a fool or someone inured won’t see the process of democracy eroding and the seeds of fascism that have become attached to this government. If it looks like seeds of fascism, walks like seeds of fascism and barks like seeds of fascism, then it is seeds of fascism. That’s the situation,"

said Barak, Haaretz quoted (emphasis added).

More is expected to come from the patriotic military and security professionals who see Netanyahu and the rightwingers and religious fanatics he has been allying with for the last half-decade, as a threat to Israel itself. On June 8, reported Sputnik, former Mossad chief (1998-2002) Ephraim Halevy called Netanyahu a fearmonger and said that the appointment of Lieberman as Defense Minister signaled the "beginning of the countdown to the end of the administration of Mr. Netanyahu." The Commanders for Israel’s Security is a network of over 200 retired IDF generals and their equivalents from the Mossad, Shin-Bet and police forces, says the Israel Policy Forum.

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