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Putin Presents Vision for Peace and Development at SPIEF

June 17, 2016 (EIRNS)—President Vladimir Putin addressed the Plenary Session of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) with a powerful political and economic vision for the future of Eurasia, and by implication for the world, countering it to Obama’s belligerent war preparations. He posed that the geopolitical tensions were in fact driven by the economic crisis. He made a strong appeal for the EU nations to end the destructive sanctions regime, identifying the fact that they were the result of Obama’s manipulation. He pointed to the German and French business leaders who have opened up to the restoration of relations with Russia, and called on political leaders to meet them halfway, to reestablish trust between the EU and Russia.

Putin said the world, and Russia, need a strong US, but not one which interferes and hinders Europe in building ties. On the TTIP, he said Europe would be severely restricted if tied down to a single regional association. He repeated several times that his vision of a "greater Eurasia," together especially with China, was open to all - and emphatically to the EU nations.

He reviewed in detail his plans for rebuilding the Russian economy, based on manufacturing, application of technologies to industry, 3 million new jobs in S&M sized industries by 2020, and even more focus on sci/tech in education.

This is what Obama calls his successful "international isolation" of Russia.

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