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Saudis Continue Their Campaign of Lies with New ‘38 Pages’ Document To Counter ‘28 Pages’

July 1, 2016 (EIRNS)—The Saudi Embassy has prepared a new pack of lies described by Bloomberg reporter Eli Lake yesterday as a "38-page report prepared by [the Saudi] embassy aimed at countering what Saudis expect will be the charges against the kingdom," when the 28 classified pages of the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry Report on 9/11 are released. Lake says he was "handed" a copy of the Saudi propaganda piece by Nail al-Jubeir, director of information and congressional affairs at Saudi embassy in Washington when Lake met him last week.

"It’s not a great moment to be a Saudi diplomat in Washington these days," Lake says. And "the Saudis are nervous," he adds, because of the push to get the 28 pages released, and because former Florida Senator Bob Graham, who was the Democratic chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time of the Congressional investigation. Graham has gotten wide coverage saying that the 28 pages "implicate the Kingdom in financing the terror attacks" of 9/11, and that these pages "are explosive."

Lake’s piece is actually an apologia for the Saudis; he says that if the 28 pages show "no hard evidence," of funding of the 9/11 attacks, then it will show that "the kingdom is being framed." Nonsense! As Sen. Graham has stressed, the release of the 28 pages is the beginning of the full investigation that was never allowed to be completed.

Lake’s assertion is a weak reed, and probably the "38 pages" are even weaker, being comprised of statements, mostly from the same old handful of U.S. officials: Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, who co-chaired the investigative commission in 2003, and CIA Director John Brennan. They say they saw "no evidence" the Saudi government or senior Saudi officials funded the 9/11 attacks.

In a feeble attempt to appear more than a Saudi mouthpiece, Lake says that the Saudis are "guilty" in another sense. They appease and "at times" promote the Islamic ideology that justifies terrorism and preaches hate. He omits mention of the ideology’s name, Wahhabism.

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