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Schiller Institute Conference Calls for Lifting Sanctions against Syria and Russia

July 1, 2016 (EIRNS)— The following resolution was passed at a conference of the Schiller Institute, held on June 25-26 in Berlin, Germany:

"We, gathered at the Schiller Institute Conference on Creating a common future for mankind and a renaissance of classical culture, call for an immediate lifting of the sanctions against Syria and Russia, which are nothing but an aggressive instrument of pressure and escalation towards world war from the Western powers. Such sanctions are a reflection of the geopolitical tradition of the British Empire against the principle of national sovereignty and the advantage of the other defined by the Treaty of Westphalia. We call instead for an international conference for the reconstruction of Syria based on the win/win conception of China’s new Silk Road and demand that the European countries and the United States join the Chinese proposal to rebuild Syria from the destruction that their wars have brought onto the entire Middle East region.

"We have of course first to eradicate terrorism and be inspired by the common commitment of religions, cultures and civilizations to build a better world for each and all of us. From its history of national unity based on the convergence of the best of different cultures, let Syria become a sign of beauty for the cause of world peace through our mutual development and common creativity."

The resolution is posted on the Schiller Institute New Paradigm website.

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