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The Economist Issues a Threat to Erdogan

July 27, 2016 (EIRNS)—The Economist has delivered a not-so-veiled threat to Turkey’s President Recip Erdogan: Don’t get too close to Russia, because your true friends in Europe, the United States, and NATO will not like it. The cover story of the July 23-29 issue of the City of London mouthpiece was headlined “Erdogan’s Revenge.” After detailing the bloody coup attempt-gone-sour, and documenting Erdogan’s move to wipe out all political and military opposition, the magazine noted that, if Turkey were first applying for NATO membership today, it would be rejected, over its crushing of democracy, its human rights violations, and corruption. The Economist warned that the United States and Europe remain Turkey’s vital allies, and recent dealings with Russia will never supplant the security and economic ties to the West. Hopefully, Erdogan will realize this in time and modify his behavior accordingly.