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It’s Al-Qaeda That Obama Now Openly Backs in Syria

Aug. 7, 2016 (EIRNS)—While there are conflicting reports in media worldwide about the fierce fighting around East Aleppo in Syria, one thing is clear. The jihadi force currently encircled in East Aleppo by the Syrian Arab Army, and also attacking that army from the Southwest to try to break the siege, is simply al-Qaeda.

A grouping of Arab-Americans called Ikras, whose intelligence is politically incorrect but accurate, reports that 85% of the "rebels" currently fighting in East Aleppo belong to the al-Qaeda formation which—until a few moments ago—called itself Jabhat al-Nusra, as do the jihadis fighting to break the SAA’s siege from the outside. The remaining 15% belong to 22 other, often-shifting groups who fight alongside al-Nusra. The great majority have not previously lived in Aleppo, and half are not Syrians.

This then is the al-Qaeda terrorist force, the encirclement and siege of which the Obama State Department, through spokesman Adm. John Kirby, is calling on Russia and Syria to lift. Obama’s discredited fraud of a UN Ambassador, regime-change war devotee Samantha Power, has been calling the Syrian government encirclement of al-Qaeda in Aleppo "chilling," and "an entrapment of 250-300,000 civilians." She has demanded those civilians not leave East Aleppo through corridors established for that purpose; and has demanded that Russia cause the Syrian government to lift the siege.

Obama said on Aug. 6 that he does not trust anything Russia does in Syria, and also said the siege of East Aleppo should be lifted.

U.S. weapons such as TOW anti-tank missiles continue to go to these al-Qaeda fighters, along with Saudi-supplied weapons, although the New York Times reports today that this flow has slowed in recent weeks as supply roads have been cut by Syrian Army and allied forces.

As the veteran NATO Military Committee Chairman Gen. Harald Kujat (German Bundeswehr, ret.) warned on Deutschlandfunk radio recently, anyone talking about defending "rebels" fighting the al-Assad government in Aleppo, is talking about supporting al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS.

Precisely what Obama is now doing, with calls to do much more of the same from media which strongly back Hillary Clinton, such as the Washington Post today.

And as Lyndon LaRouche observed Aug. 6, at this point "Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself for being herself."

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