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U.S. Air Force Secretary Voices Anti-Russia Hysteria

Aug. 8, 2016 (EIRNS)—U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James is the latest Obama Administration figure to determine that Russia represents an existential threat to the United states. Speaking Aug. 6 with Fox News’s America’s News HQ program, James said,

"I think the number one threat is Russia. Russia is one of the handful of countries that could actually present an existential threat to the U.S."

James had just returned from a tour of the Baltic states, and from Ukraine. The latter, she said, is "suffering from the illegal annexation of Crimea," and from Russia’s "numerous ceasefire violations" in the East. This is a "resurgent Russia," she said.

"They have nuclear weapons; they have been acting in very aggressive manners in recent years, and they are also investing and are testing military capabilities...this is very worrisome for the United States and to our allies."

James’s remarks are restrained, however, compared to those of Washington Post hack Jackson Diehl, who uses his column today to spew uncontrolled hysteria and rage against Putin, depicting him as a ruthless, cynical, unprincipled opportunist, guilty of murdering his political opponents, and having had the audacity to charge that the Ukrainian coup was carried out by U.S. intelligence operatives instead of the "Ukrainian people."

Mouthpiece for the war party that he is, Diehl argues that "there is the world the West knows, and there is Putin’s alternative reality." In fact, he asserts, "the world is awash in state-sponsored conspiracy theories, most of them anti-American," a prime example of which, he adds, is that of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, who argues that the U.S. has a plan to divide Egypt into pieces. No one could possibly believe anything so absurd, he implies.

Diehl’s hysteria is so great that he lumps Donald Trump together with Putin, warning that, were both to govern their respective countries at the same time, it would mean not only the "triumph of amoral statesmanship, but the rise of Russian influence at America’s expense."

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