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Jornal do Brasil Brings LaRouche into Defense of Brazil

August 12, 2016 (EIRNS)—Jornal do Brasil, Brazil’s oldest newspaper, now only on the internet but still important in nationalist circles—published a story on Aug. 8, featuring LaRouche PAC’s defense of Adm. Othon Pinheiro da Silva, the driving force behind Brazil’s advanced nuclear programs who on Aug. 4 was handed a 43-year jail sentence by the corrupt judges running the Lava Jato operation.

Jornal do Brasil (JB) included a snapshot of the LPAC web page with its short on "Leader of Brazil’s Nuclear Program Given 43-Year Prison Sentence." LPAC had cited nationalist Mauro Santayana, whose biting, insightful article on the sentence was published by Jornal do Brasil within hours of the sentence being handed down. Santayana’s article clearly spoke for a broader circle of nationalists, civilian and military than simply himself.

By so doing, JB’s story, "Mauro Santayana’s Article in JB Has Repercussions in U.S. and Portugal," once again brought LaRouche and LPAC in as a factor in the "internal" fight in Brazil, on this most crucial issue (nuclear, defense, and sovereignty, in general)—an implicit warning to Brazil’s enemies.

Commenting on the preposterous 43-year sentence handed down to Adm. Othon, LaRouche commented today: They did that because this is a life-and-death matter for Brazil’s international assailants. They cannot endure anything less than wiping Brazil—and the BRICS, of which it is a part—off the map 100%, or 150%.

The last time JB brought in the "LaRouche factor" was in October 2014, when the paper published a detailed story on EIR’s article on the "Strategic Stakes in Brazil’s Presidential Election," six days before the first round of the Presidential elections that year.

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