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Maureen Dowd Nails Hillary Clinton as a New Dick Cheney

Aug. 14, 2016 (EIRNS)—Boy, did columnist Maureen Dowd ever set the Hillary diehards into rug-chewing tweet fits today, with her precisely-aimed skewering of Hillary Clinton in the Opinion section of the New York Times as "The Perfect GOP Nominee," a Dick Cheney-type whom Republican neocons can and do love. Dowd certainly had fun delivering her message.

"All these woebegone Republicans whining that they can’t rally behind their flawed candidate is crazy. The GOP angst, the gnashing and wailing and searching for last-minute substitutes and exit strategies, is getting old.

"They already have a 1-percenter who will be totally fine in the Oval Office, someone they can trust to help Wall Street, boost the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, cuddle with hedge funds, secure the trade deals beloved by corporate America, seek guidance from Henry Kissinger and hawk it up—unleashing hell on Syria and heaven knows where else.

"The Republicans have their candidate: It’s Hillary," she wrote.

She saved her Cheney comparison for her finale:

Republicans fear Trump as volatile and unhinged, but Clinton understands that "

if you want to do something incredibly damaging to the country, like enabling George W. Bush to make the worst foreign policy blunder in U.S. history, don’t shout inflammatory and fabricated taunts from a microphone.

"You must walk up to the microphone calmly, as Hillary did on the Senate floor the day of the Iraq war vote, and accuse Saddam of giving aid, comfort and sanctuary to terrorists, including al-Qaeda, repeating the Bush administrations phony case for war....

"[T]hat’s how Republicans prefer their crazy—not like Trump, but like Cheney."