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Chinese Launching Bullet Trains on 12,000 Miles of Hi-Speed Rail

Aug. 15, 2016 (EIRNS)—Xinhua reported today that "China Standard" passenger bullet trains, a new Chinese design capable of 350-km/hr travel, have started operation in its northeast Liaoning Province.

China Rail Corporation (CRC) has 2,470 of the trains, called electric multiple units (EMUs), built or being manufactured, and is launching them on China’s entire high-speed rail network, which now totals 19,000 kilometers (about 12,000 miles) built within the past decade.

CRC executive Zhou Li told Xinhua that "China independently owns the design of the EMU, and it will be a leading model for China to export to the world." He said China will offer rail products according to the needs of various countries, where it is also developing the many transport infrastructure projects of the "One Belt One Road," or Silk Road Belt and Maritime Silk Road.

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