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Now in Theaters: ‘The Killing$ of Tony Blair’

Aug. 22, 2016 (EIRNS)—The long-awaited world premiere of the docu-drama "The Killing$ of Tony Blair" occurred in London on July 27, and is now touring throughout the British countryside. Three years in the making, this film, produced by former MP and anti-Blairite George Galloway, documents three "killings" of Tony Blair: the killing of the (old) Labour Party; the killing of millions of innocents in Iraq; and, the financial "killings" Blair made both during and after his reign as Prime Minister. Its release was timed to coincide with that of the Chilcot Commission report.

To produce the film—which no established production house would dare agree to—Galloway turned to the internet, raising £165,000 ($210,000, three times his original goal) through public contributions. When the budget of the film ballooned to £600,000 ($800,000), Galloway ended up selling his house, and now lives in an apartment, according to coverage in the Independent. Originally titled as "The Killing of Tony Blair," its promo picture is that of Blair taking a "selfie" photo against a background of smoke billowing from a fiery explosion.

As to the charge that his film is "biased" because of his long political fight against Blair’s takeover of the Labour Party, Galloway admits,

"We do acknowledge that there were some good things that New Labour did. But we are not pretending this film is anything other than a ’J’Accuse.’ It’s not an angry tirade. I think it’s a considered narrative, it’s intellectually coherent and it flows. It’s an assembly of facts, which in itself is an indictment. We can’t get him in The Hague, so we’ll get him in the cinema."

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