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Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Union Pays a Visit to Beijing

Aug. 25, 2016 (EIRNS)—Tigran Sarsyan, chairman of the Eurasian Economic Board (of the Eurasian Economic Union, or EAEU), is now in Beijing to discuss the prospects for cooperation between China and the EAEU. Sarsyan was previously the Prime Minister of Armenia and, in that post, had built close relations between Armenia and China. China is presently in negotiations with the EAEU over trade relations, an important element in establishing the collaboration between the EAEU and the Silk Road Economic Belt. Sarsyan said that while he knew negotiations were ongoing, he felt his visit would help in moving them "at a faster pace." Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Guoli said excessive changes are occurring in the world as the global recovery is happening very slowly, and that "under those circumstances the Chinese leadership attaches huge significance to cooperation with EAEU."

"China establishes friendly relations with all the members of the EAEU," Zhang said.

Sarsyan replied,

"I know that you personally supervise the Chinese initiatives and the new Silk Road development project, collaboration with which is one of the priority directions of EAEU’s development strategy."

Sarsyan said that the EAEU supports China’s approach of creating an economic architecture exempt from a political component.

Armenia also intends to participate in the Silk Road Economic Belt, and Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan was in Beijing in March to sign an agreement on the creation of a North-South corridor through Armenia to the Caucusus.

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