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Schiller Institute Representative Addresses London Conference to Support Yemeni People

Aug. 26, 2016 (EIRNS)—Civil Rights groups from Yemen and British anti-war activists organized the first major international conference about Yemen since the Saudi-launched war there in London on Aug. 21-22. The aim of the event was to break the international silence about the genocidal nature of the war on Yemen in the Western world. The major focus was on the barbaric assault on the Yemeni population by the Saudis, who are being aided by the British and American governments.

Among those invited to address the conference was Ulf Sandmark from the Schiller Institute. Sandmark was the only speaker to move beyond the expose of the horrors of the war, to proposals for integrating Yemen into the global economic development in process with the BRICS nations. The Institute spokesman included a report on the activity in Yemen of the Committee for Coordination with the BRICS, and showed a video of the address by Coordination Committee leader Fouad al-Ghaffari to the Schiller Institute’s recent conference in Berlin. His speech was well received.

Other speakers laid out in graphic detail, including videos, the destruction of food and water sources, schools and hospitals, and other vital infrastructure which has put more than 20 million Yemenis (nearly the whole population) at risk of starvation and death. Included as well was graphic representation of the targeted destruction of the several thousand-year-old cultural heritage of Yemen, and the Wahhabite ideology which the Saudi government uses to justify it.

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