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Russia: No Sign of Bombs on the Aid Convoy—Al Nusra Offensive in Area

Sept. 20, 2016 (EIRNS)—While the U.S. State Department simply declares that the Russians and/or the Syrians bombed the UN/Red Crescent aid convoy in Syria by air, the evidence is quite otherwise. The official spokesman for the Russian defense ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said today that

"No airstrikes on the UN humanitarian convoy in the southwestern outskirt of Aleppo were carried out by the Russian or Syrian aviation."

Furthermore, the video of the scene released by the militants indicates that the convoy was destroyed by fire rather than bombs, he said.

"We carefully studied the video recordings of the so-called activists from the scene and found no signs that any munitions hit the convoy,"

Konashenkov said, explaining that the vehicles have no destruction by the burst wave from an air-delivered munition.

"Everything shown on the video is the direct consequence that the cargo caught fire and this began in a strange way, simultaneously with carrying out a massive offensive of militants in Aleppo,"

he said.

Russia monitored the convoy by drone up until its delivery of its shipment, which was completed. "At about 13:40 Moscow time all cargoes were safely delivered to the final destination," Konashenkov said.

"After that the center for the reconciliation of warring factions in Syria stopped monitoring the convoy. The Russian side did not follow the convoy’s further movements. All information about the convoy’s whereabouts was known only to the militants who control these areas."

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent said that the attack took place at their warehouse as the material was being unloaded.

The UN said it could not establish the circumstances of the incident now, but "various sources" confirm the fire was started from artillery weapons," reported TASS.

Two senior State Department officials, however, declared that the perpetrator was either Russia or the Syria government, with no proof. State Department spokesman John Kirby went so far as to say that as a result, the US "will reassess the future prospects for cooperation with Russia"—which is clearly the intent of those in the Administration who oppose any cooperation with Russia.

That would include Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, who said, "All the evidence we have points to the conclusion" that Russia and/or Syria committed the attrocity via air attack. With these headlines, the same CNN report then lets slip:

"For now, there is no intelligence that specifically indicates Syrian aircraft or helicopters were in the area, though that type of information could later come to light, the official said."

This is yet another example of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s view that the free press in America means that it is totally free of the truth.

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