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General Kujat: There Is a War in Washington Against the Cooperation John Kerry Organized with Russia

WIESBADEN, Sept. 22, 2016 (EIRNS)—German Gen. Herald Kujat (ret.), former chairman of the NATO Military Committee (2002-05), told Bild-Zeitung yesterday:

"Currently, there is not only a war being waged with weapons, but also of words. Obviously in Washington, the agreed-upon cooperation with Russia in Syria organized by Secretary of State Kerry, has not been met with unanimous support. There is therefore the appearance that the Kremlin is being made responsible for the attack on the aid convoy, even though so far, there is no concrete evidence."

"Both of the tragic events of the last days are thus strong arguments for the implementation of the agreement between the United States and Russia—and not against it."

Bild continued, "Kujat’s assessment is that tighter military cooperation of both countries would make it possible to move forward with the fight against the Islamist terror groups in Syria and resume the peace discussions."

TASS reported Sept. 21 on General Kujat’s comments to a German broadcaster:

"The attack on a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo, Syria, could work in the terrorists’ favor, former chairman of the NATO Military Committee told Germany’s N-TV channel on Wednesday. ’I cannot imagine that Russia wanted to torpedo its agreements with the United States by this attack,’ Kujat said, adding that he did not believe that ’Syria’s authorities would bomb a convoy of the Syrian humanitarian organization, the Syrian Red Crescent.’"

Kujat continued,

"So, we have only the terrorists who absolutely do not want the U.S. and Russia to unite their military efforts in line with the agreements and act together against them. But, there is no proof so far, an investigation on the scene is needed for this."

Kujat’s comments, particularly about the fight within Washington, are unprecedented, and point to the urgency for sane forces in the U.S. to clean up the Obama Administration before it is too late.

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