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Colombian Government Signs ‘Peace’ Deal with the FARC To Push Forward with Drug Legalization

Sept. 27, 2016 (EIRNS)—Yesterday the Santos government of Colombia signed a so-called "peace" deal with the FARC, the world’s largest cocaine cartel, in the approving presence of Obama representative John Kerry, Cuban President Raul Castro, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

No amount of media hoopla can hide the simple fact that the main intended objective of the pact is to advance the British Empire’s cause of drug legalization in Colombia and internationally. Under the "peace" deal, there will be an "overhaul" of anti-narcotics policies to open the door to full legalization. Back in mid-2015, the government of Juan Manuel Santos—who is a long-time protégé of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair—stopped herbicide spraying of the coca crop. In December 2015, he issued a decree legalizing so-called "medical marijuana," noting that the U.S. was doing the same under Obama. As a result, Colombian coca production has doubled since 2013, rising by 39% in 2015 alone. Most of the increase has occurred in the southwest area of Colombia, under FARC control. Colombia is now by far and away the world’s leading cocaine source, producing more coca than Peru and Bolivia combined.

In a prominently featured interview last night with Iran’s Press TV, EIR Ibero-American Editor Dennis Small stated:

"The health minister of the Santos government in Colombia has openly announced that they will use the openings now to export marijuana internationally and to convert Colombia into an exporter of marijuana, the way Chile exports wine.

"What we are dealing with here is actually an elaborate operation involving the United States government of Obama, the British government, and definitely Santos, who is very close to Tony Blair in the United Kingdom, whose outcome is intended to be not peace, but drug legalization....

"We’re talking about a $1 trillion per year business, and what has opened the door to legalization has been what the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has done, by legalizing drugs in this country, and that has only led to an increase in consumption and production, and devastation of the youth in my country.

"Obama—the facts should be known—is in favor of drugs, and he is also a supporter of terrorism internationally, as can be seen in the fight going on right now in the Congress of the United States to pass the JASTA bill, which would hold Saudi Arabia accountable for what happened on 9/11, and Obama has vetoed that bill. So I think the battle lines are actually fairly clear, if you look at it from this kind of international overview."

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